Thursday, December 13, 2012

The days are so short!

Brrrr! It's cold today! The parking lots are icy and some of the windows frosted over. We've been camped out inside working on our finals.

We only have two more days in Birmingham. Today we're going to do a big load of laundry so we can do most of our packing. Anything not being worn in the next week is going in our checked luggage!

The past few nights have been full of goodbye parties and telling friends, "you have to come visit!" Even though we have only been here three months, we've made some really fantastic friends. It's such a shame the USA is SO FAR away! I hope some day we can come back and visit, but it will be awhile before we can afford the plane tickets.

One week from today we'll be on the plane. I'm so excited to be going home, but very sad that we do not get to come back. Still, January will bring new adventures in Kansas!

To everyone from home, we'll see you soon! To all our new friends on this side of the pond, we will miss you dearly.

Only one more week!

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