Friday, December 28, 2012

England and back, the conclusion

It took me awhile to write my final thoughts on our jaunt across the pond because honestly I was too busy enjoying myself. When we left I didn't think that we'd meet people no where near as amazing as the people we met while were there. The places we went and the food we ate we're incredible bonuses to an already fantastic adventure with Rachel.
In the last few days I really became familiar with the term 'bittersweet' because at that point I was more than ready to come home but wasn't ready to come back to a life that we put on pause. Luckily we got to go to Scotland in the last few days because it turned out to be my most favorite part of the entire trip. Give me a kilt, throw me the bagpipes, and pass me the haggis because that's the place I want to be! :p
Getting to see our friend Linzi at home was as awesome as it was confusing at first because I'm so used to her in our life in America then suddenly were in her world in Scotland. Her family is one of the best groups of people I'd met it a long time, so fun and full if laughter.
This is the one experience that my life needed before I was just sort of wandering with the wind. Now I've got a sail and can go in any direction when ever I want exploring to the fullest! Now that I'm back with my family I appreciate our time together so much more than before. Not only that I feel my capacity for other people in general has tremendously increased, meaning I'm feeling a lot more patient, for now. :D
This is my last post for this blog and as Rachel has already told you, check out our other blog sunflowers and Skyscrapers. To get an inside track on our transition from university to the rest of our lives.
Thank you so much to all of you who helped us take this incredible trip and another thank you to all of you who followed our blog and our vlogs and just were super supportive of the entire adventure. You all are awesome and now on to 2013 full steam ahead!

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