Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't say goodbye.

This is a message for all our new English, Irish, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and every other nationality friends we have met in the last three months.

Our dear, adventurous, loving, caring friends, this is not goodbye. It's see you later! Thanks to you, Raymond and I have had the best semester of our lives. We've shared laughs, incredible moments, and late nights. Those times with friends are what made our trip a true adventure.

Without you, we would have just been two American students in England for a fall term. We would have studied, gone to class, and taken a few trips, but in the end we would have still just felt like Americans out of place and far from home.

Instead, we feel like we're leaving one family to go home to another. In such a short time, we developed strong friendships with people who really care when they ask, "Are you alright?" So far from home, we found friends we could talk to for hours, laugh with in the kitchen, and take adventures with around town.

So this isn't goodbye! If anyone we met ever wants to come see Kansas, please look us up. If it's in a year, five, or ten years, tell us you're coming and we will give you a place to stay! We'll never forget your hospitality or the times we shared while we visited this part of the world. Thank you for being amazing!

The internet makes our lives more connected than ever. Raymond and I will be in touch, look forward to it! So, we'll see you later Birmingham.

It was truly epic.


  1. Maybe the words you want are in German: "Auf Wiedersehn," meaning literally "To be seeing again." A reminder that "goodbye" need not be forever.

  2. You know that we have a promise!!

  3. I'll see you guys again some day :) For sure!