Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our last night here, and a surprise!

It's our last night in Birmingham! Tomorrow we take a train to Scotland to see the beautiful city of Edinburgh, before going to Glasgow to visit Linzi. We're so excited to see Scotland, but also eager to get back to the states for Christmas.

Packing hasn't been fun, as we've had to sort through everything and decide what to leave, what to throw away, and what to try and shove in the top of our overly-full bags. Now we look around our room and it is all empty! It looks like the night we arrived, September 11th.

Now that we're leaving, it's time to reveal what I've been working on for all our readers!

Although we've had the trip of our lives, it's over now and we're headed home for the holidays. We couldn't be happier to be going to see our families, but we will miss our new friends in England and our "new life" in the UK.

When we first decided to go abroad, we started the blog "Rachel-Ray Across the Pond." Our readership expanded wider than we ever expected, and we've been so blessed with family, friends, and many Newman supporters who read our posts on a regular basis. We've tried to keep it up to date and interesting, while still keeping it personal to ourselves and our readers. Our main focus while being abroad has been on the experiences, differences, and challenges of studying in another country.

Our video logs also became a great success, as we were able to show viewers all over the world that dreams can become a reality, like this trip for us. Thank you to all our viewers who have subscribed to the channel or watched the videos on the blog!

Now that we are headed home, it's time to put "Across the Pond" to rest. Although we hope to take another visit to Europe soon, we're realistic to know we will probably never again live abroad for an extended amount of time. We're both ready to graduate and start building careers, and bills are calling to be paid.

However, just because "Across the Pond" is ending does not mean that we are done! Hence, "Sunflowers and Skyscrapers" was born.

We've learned so much about ourselves and the world while living in England. We know that it might be difficult to adjust back to life in Wichita, but we're ready to bring our new habits and mix them with the old ones. There are so many ways to mix "big-city life" with "small-town USA," and I'm excited to get home and start.

Check out the new blog to find out what "Sunflowers and Skyscrapers" means and why we picked that as a title. Click here or go to

All of our subscribers by email will need to "resubscribe" to the new blog. You can do that the same way, by typing your email into the box on the right-hand side, or by following us with your Gmail account. We will also continue to post on Facebook, because we know that's how lots of our followers find the blog.

Thank you for our wonderful time together. We'll continue to post here until we are home on Thursday, but after that all new posts will be on Sunflowers and Skyscrapers.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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