Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Americans are coming again! After the Olympics...

Well. Its official that its official as I write this that Rachel and I are going to England for the fall semester! I honestly can't believe that one of my dreams is actually real so soon! Of course I plan to be a Power Ranger,& billionaire, and a Super Saiyan but those aren't far off.

The process is coming together as my passport is finally on the way! Funny story about that, I'd been meaning to call the National travel service to find out how long it would take my passport to arrive in the regular amount of time. She paused for a moment and told me, "September 20th," this is after she asked me 3 times when I was leaving the country. But $72 later and my passport should be here next Wednesday and a large weight has now been lifted from my shoulders.

But the next beast we're having to slay is the visa process. There is SO much that goes into this process when going to a foreign University. I'm half tempted to just show up in the airport with all my stuff, "I'm sorry it would have taken FOREVER in the States."

We'll keep you all updated on what happens here in the next two weeks!


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