Monday, July 30, 2012

Packing and Eureka

Packing packing packing, for both Raymond and myself. Thankfully, we're almost done! We've passed some time filling boxes while watching Eureka, a fabulous show on Netflix that keeps us laughing (mostly). I wonder if we can watch Netflix in Europe... I've heard Hulu isn't allowed. Anyone know if that is true?

I think we've finally figured out the Visas, many thanks to Cheryl Golden at Newman and a friend at NUBirmingham. There's an online application to fill out (that is extremely detailed) and then we have to send that in with our passports and hope they are back to us by September.

Unfortunately, it's really preferable to have plane tickets purchased already when you apply for a visa... so if the air lines could kindly bring their prices back down to Friday's that would be great. We literally were about to buy tickets when they jumped up $200 and they haven't come back down yet (darn it!).

Some good news is that my family got5 some photo proofs back today from Lola Jo Photography. When my mom realized half the family was leaving for a few months (my brother for med school, a sister for law school, my brother-in-law for Turkey, and me and Raymond for England) she asked us to all take the time and get some family pictures done. I'm so glad we did and Brandi with Lola Jo did a fantastic job!

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