Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What are we thinking?

Six weeks. That's how long Raymond and I have to plan a trip to England! I know it sounds a little crazy, but we're bound and determined to make this trip work.

When first I approached him with the idea of going abroad, Raymond sounded doubtful but excited. His first (and biggest) concern was finances. How would we make it work? We knew Newman University, our home school, had a fledgling exchange program for England, but no one had tested it out yet and we were not entirely sure how our financial aid packages would apply.

Since then, the community has shown us time and time again that going abroad is the right decision for us. We found that through this exchange program with Newman University in Birmingham, England, our tuition and fees are a direct swap -- meaning it is exactly like we are going to school here in Kansas, but we will be attending classes and living in Birmingham.

Since we made the decision to go, it has been a whirlwind of passport and visa applications, scouring for the best airfare, and dreaming of weekend getaways. Not only do we need to plan our trip, but we also both have to move out of our house/apartment by the middle of August.

Traveling abroad has been a dream for both of us. With this trip, we're making it a reality.

Follow our travel and adventures here! We'll be posting from England, Italy, France, and Ireland. Also look below the posts for our most recent video blog content from Youtube. Feel free to subscribe to our posts by email on the right sidebar. This is Rachel-Ray, Across the Pond!

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